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Birthdate:May 9
Location:United States of America
I love Nino~!
I have been in the Arashi fandome since May 28, 2007. I came up with this date because it's the date on the first picture of Nino I found and saved online. :)
I found out about Arashi from Nino's Letters from Iwo Jima, and coincidentally a week or so after I saw the movie and did some research on the star actor Ninomiya Kazunari, Arashi was scheduled to perform "We can make it" on Music Station on NHK. Even though Matsujun's..unsteady..singing voice made me laugh in the beginning, I fell in love with the group.
I've been to 2 Arashi concerts--
1) Arena seat - Dream-a-live tour in 2008 in Sapporo Dome. (Got close enough to touch Aiba, but was a good fan and didn't!~)
2) Stand (but technically I was in the Arena in the "エキサイトシート" seats) - Are You Happy? tour in 2016 in Tokyo Dome
I also went to Nino's GANTZ premier in L.A. and sat front row and saw Nino and Matsuken extremely close! ><

Next to Arashi, I've also become a big fan of Kis-My-Ft2. I notice I keep up with them more than I do Arashi these days (since it seems like Arashi has TONS of tv shows/appearances). When I was learning more about Arashi in 2007, I looked into other Johnny's groups, and Kis-My-Ft2 was my favorite group out of all of the juniors. Although I was a fan of Fujigaya during his Jr days, I never paid any attention to the rest of the group, and really only thought a couple of their songs were catchy enough to add to my personal playlist ("Inori" and "Good-bye, Thank you"). But after I saw Ikemen desu ne back in 2011, I became a huge Tamamori fan and eventually a huge fan of the entire group.
I've been to their concert, 11 times total--
1) Arena seat - Kis-My-MiNT tour 2012 in Kitayell
2) Front row stands [2nd Anniversary day] - Good Ikuze tour 2013 in Kitayell
3) Arena seat - Good Ikuze tour 2013 in Kitayell (actually did touch Senga! and ALMOST got Fujigaya's towel thrown at me)
4) Stands - Kis-My-World tour 2015 in Tokyo Dome
5-6) Stands - I SCREAM tour 2016 in Osaka Dome
7) Stands - I SCREAM tour 2016 in Nagoya Dome
8) Arena seat - I SCREAM tour 2016 in Tokyo Dome
9) Stands - I SCREAM tour 2016 in Tokyo Dome
10) Arena seat [A Block] [Nikaido's birthday] - I SCREAM tour 2016 in Tokyo Dome
11) Stands - I SCREAM tour 2016 in Tokyo Dome
I've also been to some members' stages 2 times--
1) 1st Floor E Row - DREAM BOYS in 2016
2) 2nd Floor XA Row - Johnny's All Stars Island in 2016

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